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Been a while since any real updates have been made although things have moved along with the build I’ve been busy buying a flat and welding up a rusty mk2 so haven’t had time to blog anything!

After tearing down the original 231 motor and rebuilding it with new seals etc. I always had a thought in the back of my mind that I was using the “wrong” rotary. So I sold the rebuilt motor to a chap who came all the way down from Wales (touch wood he hasn’t complained yet so I assume my rebuilding skills were up to par!!) and I picked up a R3 231 motor with the 3 oil injectors per rotor housing for £750 plus the 400 mile round trip to collect it.

The new problems with this engine are also solutions to problems I was having before with the original 231 motor. Oil filter has moved giving better clearance for the bulkhead but the new filter location is in the way of the engine mounts I made up. Fail.

On the plus side it was a chance to get my flywheel fitted and permenantly in its new home.

Annoying thing was that I didn’t get the lower half of the R3 inlet manifold so I have fitted the 231 inlet and injectors and my modified return fuel rail, however some “tweaking” and heat was required on the fuel rail was needed as it fouled the different oil injection setup. The oil injection is a problem for another day as I can no longer use a SOHN adapter or the available controller, so premix until this is addressed.

One problem that will be addressed ASAP is the fact that the new style sump fouls the second brand new tubular front subframe I ordered from Claire at crapengineering, meaning my steering rack and engine mounts have to move, very annoying! So I cut my engine mounts off and had to extend the rack mounting an inch further away meaning LESS ground clearance which was already a premium. At this point I’m starting to think cutting the tunnel may have been a better option. 

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