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Today was the day I thought I’d bite the bullet and teardown the rotary block to find out the reason behind it seizing up, after taking the rear housing off it became pretty obvious.

While carbon build up in rotaries isn’t unheard of its not very common as the reason most people buy them is to give them a good thrashing. This engine however must have led a sheltered life of poor startups and short journeys. Once the rear rotor was taken out the shaft span freely, so the front rotor must have been in relatively good condition.

Suspicions were right and the front rotor while having broken apex seals it and the housing were fine. The snapped apex seals were held in place by the corner seals and don’t fall apart until the rotor was moved by myself.

After some thinking about using the 12a front panel and mounting points I decided that I may as well make my own engine mount up so I can retain the original front panel and not have to piss around with adapters for the OMP, I have a welder so I may aswell use it!

Speaking of welding…

Front chassis legs have been welded up using some 5mm plate. I used a cardboard template to get the shape and inside the legs are some tabs which are part of the mounting point for the subframe. By resting the plates against the tabs ensures they were parallel to the front of the car and each other so will make ideal datum points for building the front framework.

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