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After selling up my ratty, rusty, full of filler UK spec 1.8 (M547 TRC) to someone with the patience for bodywork I decided to bite the bullet and buy something to keep me out of trouble and the driveway company for a bit.

Enter mx5 owner James, drifter and secret nissan addict, he had a little incident with his black 5 which left the front end a little worse for wear; I.e. Missing. With the easiest way to see if the shell was still straight to be to fit a fully jigged front tubular front subframe from Claire Rule at crapengineering.

So with a straight shell and a nissan addiction James sold the lot to me (coilovers, wheels, subframe, completely rot free half a shell and rota wheels) so that he could build is 200sx and I could build something special.

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