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With the shell home (or what I thought was home) in my cosy rented unit the decision of a new heart needed to be made, do I stick to James original plan for a forged turbo 5 engine or do I do something different.

Something different as everyone and their mum drives a turbo 5 these days.

Enter a 231 renesis engine from a 2006 rx8. After a lot of reading and researching the least complicated way of getting it mounted was to source a gearbox from a naturally aspirated FC model rx7. Operative part of that sentence being least complicated, not easiest, trying to find said gearbox was a pain! Luckily a man a town over was selling a NA FC rx7 with a spare engine and gearbox, £100 later and it was an FC rx7 for sale with a spare engine.

A pla was coming together

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